We always want to make sure that our rugged phone is iconic enough. Raptor is genetically related to the IIIF150 Octagonal Heritage. It’s luxury original.

Octagon element is coming from the front face of off-road vehicles. The octagon stands for the off-road spirit: keeping wild, looking for freedom and toughness.


At IIIF150, we constantly think about the scenarios about our products. We build products with portability, comfort, robustness, and technical convenience. Wherever you go, your Raptor will help.

Ultra Thin Design
Based on the idea making thinnest rugged phone, we start the design from the first place. From electronic module, battery density ratio, motherboard clearance, to light disassembly, we adjust in every details.
Feel the Durability

Not only the long life battery, Raptor is structurally durable, ensuring device safety in hazardous situations. Our standard includes water resistant to 6m for 24hrs, and withstand the drop from up to 1.8 m.

It Always Help
Raptor built in professional thermal camera, night vision camera, physical shorcut, barometer, and PTT, making sure it always providing support when you need.
Behind Luxury

Luxury is never superficial. Like reliability and durability, it is a direct result of high-level engineering, and aesthetic philosophy.

Diamond Pattern
Diamond Pattern Comfortably held the geometrical beauty
Sun Emblem
Sun Emblem 24-hour imaging system from day to night
Richard Mille Style
Richard Mille Style
Products real shot